About Us

Our Approach

We are an avid traveller like most of you must be. Our Philosphy is ‘Want a Break? Have a Trip. Follow Jauntizer!’

We like to explore places. Our Vision behind starting this blog was to help people plan their trip more effectively. While searching for travel blogs online we found that some of them were not people friendly. So we thought to start a website which will be informative and at the same time will be friendly. Keep this in mind we started a separate section where we call some people and take their interviews base on the places they recently visited. Also we have added a section Guide Book where we will be giving miscellaneous information that will help to organize your trip better.

Next we thought that while planning a trip people often get confused that what all places they want to see and what are the places that can be left out. For such people we added Itinerary section that will help in organizing your trip day wise. Most of us feel that until we get a glimpse of any place we are planning to visit we do not get motivated hence, for them we are bringing Video Blog where we will be showing a small video of the different places.

Next we wanted to show various pictures of the places to encourage you to visit there. Since inserting them in a blog would make the blog more cumbersome hence, we thought to add them in a separate Gallery section. We hope you will like them.

At the end, we feel that success and failure of any work depends on the user’s feedback. So we want from you all to give an honest review of any article you read on this website so that we improve for better. Thank you!