“Yeh Kashti Wala Kya Gaa Raha Tha,

Koi Isko Bhi Yaad Aa Raha Tha !!”

These are the lines of a famous Hindi song from the movie ‘The Great Gambler’ starring Sh. Amitabh Bachchan and Ms. Zeenat Aman. This song always comes to my mind whenever I hear about Venice, a city without roads in Italy. We all at some point of our lives dream to visit Europe. Moreover, what better place can be for a newly married couple for honeymoon other than Europe? Personally I am still waiting for the day when I will be striking Europe from my to-visit places. But recently our team happened to meet a young and beautiful couple who had just returned from their honeymoon trip from Europe. Out of curiosity we requested them to share some pictures and give a brief interview for our travellers, to which they happily agreed.

We hope that you will get some tips from this interview that will help you plan your next trip to Europe more efficiently.

Jauntizer Team (JT):       Hey Guys! Welcome to the Chapter 1 of the Interview Section of our blog. Thank you for agreeing to this Interview. Let’s start with a brief introduction.

Shashank (S):     Hello, Team Jauntizer. It’s our pleasure to use this platform for sharing our experiences.

My name is Shahsank Singhania and here is my beloved wife Ghazal. We reside in Panchkula, Haryana. We are manufacturers of all types of traditional Indian Meethai like Gulab Jamun, Barfi, Laddoo, etc. Chandigarh Sweets is the name of our shop. We also do wholesale distribution.

JT:                           I think we need to visit your shop someday. I am already craving. Coming to our next question. Do you like travelling? If yes, how often do you travel?

S:                            Yes, Ghazal and I love travelling but due to our busy schedules we don’t get to travel often.

JT:                           Where did you last travelled and when?

S:                            Ghazal and I got married in the month of February this year and went to Europe for our Honeymoon in April. It was a10 day trip. We visited Paris, Interlaken, Venice and Rome.

JT:                           What are your favourite destinations?

S:                            Europe is so mesmerizing that all the places we visited have become my favourite. It’s hard to rule out any one of them. If given chance we would like to go back. (Looking at Ghazal and smiling)

JT:                           So sweet. Kindly share some of your experiences.

S:                            As you can see in our pictures we had a great time. Each of the 4 cities we visited were beautiful, lots to see, lots of places to visit and everything was pleasant and enjoyable.

The only glitch in our whole trip was the airlines, Kuwait Airlines. The Airlines screwed up our trip by delaying our baggage. My baggage was received after 3 days. Moreover, we had to go to the Airport to collect the same instead of receiving it at the Hotel, as promised. Not only this, Ghazal got her bag 10 days after our trip was over!! So, please never ever book your flight with Kuwait Airlines.

Apart from this, overall experience in Europe was amazing, we had a great time.

JT:                           Oh! My God. We can feel how difficult it would have been for both of you without your bags. But all is well that end’s well. So, what was your mode of travel in Europe? Where did you stay and why did you stayed there? Any suggestions or recommendations you would like to give.

G:                           The mode of travel in Europe was through train only. It’s always recommended to travel in Europe through train as the view from the train is absolutely amazing.

Our trip itinerary was prepared by a travel agency. It becomes easy that way as they take the entire headache for the bookings and reservations, whether it’s flights, hotels, trains or sightseeing. Travel Q shop was the agency we opted. Amazing work was done by them. They planned our trip very well. Except, of course, for Kuwait Airlines. But overall the itinerary was good with decent hotels.

JT:                           Any particular places you visited.

G:                           We particularly visited Paris, Interlaken, Venice and Rome and did all the touristy stuff.

JT:                           Any particular thing or place you would like to recommend for Bachelors, Couples and Family?

S:                            I think visiting a place is very subjective. It depends from person to person what their preferences are. If you like a city, like place with clubs and bars, I suggest Paris is good. My friends have travelled to Greece and they say it’s great for bachelor parties!!

Those who want peace and quiet, they should go to Switzerland, the entire country is beautiful with peaks, greenery.. beautiful views there..

If people like archaeological stuff, I suggest Italy, very rich in architecture, beautiful buildings, churches, palaces, etc.

JT:                           What was the Cuisine? Did you like it? Any particular cuisine that should not be missed?

G:                           The cuisine was good..a little bland for Indian liking..but overall the food was good..good fast food available..we mostly had salad, burgers, sandwiches pizzas there.. If specific mention is required then we Loved the pizzas and spaghettis in Italy ..

JT:                           What would you suggest that one can buy from there as a memory? What is famous?

S:                            We didn’t buy anything in particular as such..

We mostly bought souvenirs from watch city. Scotch from Switzerland is nice. In Paris you get nice Eiffel tower souvenirs.

But mostly that’s it…

G:                           Italy is host to some really popular expensive brands so if you’re a brand conscious person with lots of money , this is the place to be!!

JT:                           Any particular experience that you cannot forget? Whether good or bad.

S:                            Barring our airlines baggage screw up , our trip was quite amazing, it’s been a month since we’ve been back, but we still can’t stop talking about it ..

Great experience meeting new people and visiting all those beautiful places..


Eiffel tower, the Notre Damne cathedral, the Luxemborg gardens, the Seanne river..


Mt. Jungfraigoch, Harder Kulm, the Thun and Brienze lakes, the St. Beautus waterfalls

Venice :-

Gandola rides, the Murano Borana Torcello beaches


The pantheon, Navona square, the Piazza St. Marco, the Trevi fountains

All these places were just wonderful.

JT:                           Any suggestions for our travelers? Things they should keep in mind before their travel.

S:                            Planning a trip can be challenging, so if you have less time and not sure with your bookings I suggest you go with a travel agency. I recommend travel Q shop, very good company. A trip should be leisurely, should not be one which tires you out. So plan your sightseeing accordingly. There should be sufficient time for rest intervals..

G:                            Please if you’re traveling as a couple don’t pack your bags separately, Mix your items in each bag, in case the airlines heavily delays one bag.. Don’t want to scare other travelers. I’m sure it was a one-time unfortunate incident with us..

But avoid Kuwait Airlines, they are careless and then they don’t respond much either..

JT:                           Things we can always find in your travel bag.

S:                            A comb, a chocolate bar, a water bottle, a small stack of medicines for headaches and tummy upset, a deodorant in case I’m walking too much..

G:                           Make-up Kit, Mobile phone, water bottle and of course clothes…

JT:                           What will be your next destination?

S:                            My sisters-in-law are in Australia, so probably Australia and New Zealand next year.

JT:                           Would you suggest our blog to your friends?

S:                            Yes definitely, this is a very informative blog, very helpful for travelers…this will help them plan their trip more efficiently. Good job!!

Thank you so much for such kind words. This is our 1st Chapter only. We hope that we will go a long way. This has been a good start. You have been very cooperative and have replied to all our questions with full honesty. Our whole team wishes you both a happy married life. And we hope we will hear from you soon after your next trip.

Hey! Guys this was our 1st Chapter of Interview Section. Hope you all like. All types of suggestions are welcome. Soon we will be coming with our 2nd Chapter.

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