Hey friends! Welcome back to the Chapter 2 of the Interview Section of this blog.

As we all know that India is a proud honor of two main islands (i) Andaman & Nicobar Islands and (ii) Lakshwadeep Islands. There is no denying of the fact that both of these Islands are like pair of eyes for the nation. I believe most of us must have visited these Islands and many of you must be planning to visit them soon. On one hand where Lakshwadeep islands are less explored on the other hand Andaman & Nicobar Islands are often visited. Recently our team happened to meet a couple who recently returned from their trip to Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Having a chat with them was really very interested. Here is an excerpt from our chat:

Jauntizer Team (JT):        First of all welcome to the world of Jauntizer. Thank you for agreeing to this interview in such short notice. Let’s start with a brief introduction.

Guest:                                  Hello to all Jauntizers. Thank you so much for inviting us to this Interview. My name is Deepak and I am currently employed in Central Government department of Indian Customs. My native place is Rohtak, Haryana but we are living in Panchkula. I love light music, healthy food but rest everything luxurious.

JT:                                           Indian Customs? Great. I have heard lot about the officers employed in Customs that how they risk their lives to avoid smuggling activities. Hats off to all of you. Moving forward to our next question. Do you like travelling? If yes, how often do you travel?

Deepak (D):                        Yes, I like travelling, but due to the nature of my job I get very less holidays. Moreover, I like travelling but I hate driving. I always look for company.

JT:                                           Ha ha! Next time whenever you plan anything let us know, we might become your guide. So tell us some of your favourite destinations?

D:                                            I have not been able to cover many destinations due to the nature of my job. Our recent trip to Andaman & Nicobar is by far the best.

JT:                                           We would like to know why Andaman & Nicobar and not any other place?

D:                                            Ha ha! Nice question. For a Government employee LTC (Leave Travel Concession) is the main reason for visiting A & N. Moreover, we came to know that December and January is the best time to visit A & N as weather is not very hot during these months.

JT:                                           Yes, totally agreed. So, how did you plan your trip and what was your mode of travel?

D:                                            We had booked an Agent from Delhi for planning our trip. Only our flight tickets were booked by me rest everything including our hotels, transportation, etc. was managed by the Agent only. The Agent was very nice and co-operative. The team helped us making our trip completely hassle free.

JT:                                           That’s great. Share some of your experiences.

D:                                            It was one of the most memorable experiences we ever had. The trip was something we can never forget. All the Beaches were very nice and clean. The sea was crystal clear. Every Beach was different from the other in some way but all were picturesque. The best experience we had was on MacCruise that we had booked online. It was a 2 hour long cruise journey on the Bay of Bengal. The way the ship cruised among the high and low tides of the sea was breath taking. It has its own restaurant. We did not eat anything as it was a bit costly.

JT:                                           Tell us about the places and hotels you stayed?

D:                                            As already told that our trip was planned by an Agent. We stayed for 1 night in Andaman, 2 nights in Havelock Island and 1 night in Neil Island. The hotels booked were AT Villa (Port Blair), El dorado (Havelock) and Tango (Neil Island).

JT:                                           Any particular places you visited that you would like to recommend for Bachelors, Couples and Family?

D:                                            According to me A & N is the best place for everyone whether bachelor/couple/family. I would suggest everyone to visit there atleast once.

In Port Blair, we visited Lighthouse, Cellular Jail and Chidiya Tapu. Personally we loved the tour of Cellular Jail.

In Havelock Islands, we visited Radha Sagar Beach, Elephant Beach and Kalapathar Beach. All three beaches are unique in their own way. Radha Sagar beach is known for the amazing views of coral reefs and snorkeling is the must do activity.

Lastly, in Neil Islands, we visited Lakshmanpur Beach, Bharatpur Beach and Sitapur Beach. Among the three beaches Bharatpur Beach was the best as you get to enjoy some watersports like snorkeling, scuba diving, etc.

JT:                                          Thank you so much for the details and pics. We are sure that this will help our readers to plan their trip accordingly. We also know that snorkeling and scuba diving is very famous in Andaman & Nicobar. Did you go for scuba diving? How was your experience?

D:                                            Yes, we went for Scuba Diving. It was my first experience and the best one. I will like to inform that you get two packages one costs around Rs. 2500/- and takes you just 20-25ft. deep and other costs around Rs. 6500/- and you can go 50-60 ft. deep. Safety comes first for them. You get a well trained guide that helps you in every proper way. Believe me the life under water is amazing. This is something one should experience themselves. Some people actually visit A & N just for scuba diving and snorkeling.

JT:                                           What would you suggest one can buy from there as a memory? What is famous?

D:                                            I feel that now a days almost everything is available everywhere.  But still if anyone is interested in collecting shells then this is the place. One can find great number of shells, in all kind of size and shape, here in Andaman. The same can be bought from a store or can be collected from the sea shore. I collected a bag full of shells to take back home but it was my bad luck that all were taken from me by the airport authorities. I felt very bad. So kindly keep this in mind before buying shells. I suppose you can bring only handful of them.

JT:                                           Thank you for this important information. We are sure our readers will keep this in mind. We are sorry to know that you were not able to bring any shells with you. Next, we want to know your good and bad experiences?

D:                                            Our whole trip was awesome. We enjoyed a lot. The entire experience was very good. Before visiting Andaman I had only bathed in swimming pool or in Ganga River in Haridwar. J This was my first time when I had a chance to swim in an open sea.

The only bad experience we faced was in the Resort we stayed in. The resort had a swimming pool and I was swimming in it with my 2 year daughter. Thinking that my wife is looking after her I swam a little farther but suddenly I found that our daughter was drowning in the pool. I reached her in no time and brought her outside the pool. Luckily our daughter was fine. This was the only bad experience.

JT:                                           Oh! My God! Your experience has given me goose bumps. We thank God that nothing happened to your daughter. Tell us about the things we can always find in your travel bag.

D:                                            Not much, only cash and clothes are some of the important things for me.

JT:                                           Ok. And what will be your next destination?

D:                                            Frankly speaking I am ready to go anywhere. Foremost I would love to visit Kashmir.

JT:                                           Lastly, would you suggest our blog to your friends?

D:                                            Yes, definitely. This is a very great initiative. I never thought I will be sharing my experiences in such a way. This is very informative and friendly. I will share it with everyone. Thank you for giving us the chance.

JT:                                           Thank you so much. We hope to meet soon with some new experiences about new place.

So, Guys we have come to the end of our Chapter 2. We hope you liked it and have gathered some useful insights for your next trip to Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Kindly comment and share the same.