Hey friends! Welcome back again. We are presenting you the Chapter 3 of the Interview Section of this blog.

GOA! I think it has become one of the favourite destinations in India among the youngsters and adults equally. Youngsters/adults whether stags/couples visit Goa to party, have fun and to relax their sole from the daily monotonous routine. In recent time we have come across many people who have chosen Goa as their favourite destination. We also feel that one can never get bored from Goa. Some of you must have read our previous article on Goa. If not, then here is the link http://www.jauntizer.com/trip-to-goa-land-of-beaches/.

Recently our team bunched up a newly married couple who had returned from their honeymoon. When we asked them the destination their answer did not surprised us. Yes, you all got it right. It was Goa. Although we had read many articles on Goa but still we requested them to share some of their experiences. We strongly believe that every individual has their own set of experiences and we can learn something from everything. They willingly agreed to give an interview for our blog.

Jauntizer Team (JT):    Hey friends! Welcome on board. Thank you for being part of this world of Jauntizer. Let’s start with a brief introduction.

Guest:                          Hello everyone. We are pleased to be part of Jauntizer. My name is Nitin Tyagi and I am working in Customs Department. Here is my soul mate Pooja, who also works in the same department. My native place is Sonepat, Haryana but we our currently residing at Doraha, Punjab.

JT:                               (Smiling) Great coincidence. You are our second guest couple from Indian Customs. We suppose our central government is promoting tourism effectively. Great. I did not know that our government believes in the motto ‘charity begins at home’. Moving ahead, our next question is that do you like travelling? If yes, how often do you travel?

Pooja (P) & Nitin (N): (Both laughing) Yes, we love travelling. Travelling gives us immense pleasure. Visiting places helps us in exploring the scenic beauty of nature. Whenever we get chance we just text our friends and plan a trip. Travelling is like a gust of freshness in our monotonous life.

JT:                               Very true. Travelling actually makes us free from the burdens of life. So tell us some of your favourite destinations?

N:                                I have not been able to cover many destinations. Still I got the opportunity to visit Mcleodganj, Ladakh, Kasol, Banglore-Mysore-Ooty, Jaipur before marriage and Goa after marriage. I must admit that all these places were great but the recent visit to Goa has been the best one for obvious reasons.

Nitin looking towards Pooja with a cheeky smile.

JT:                               (smiling) We understood your point. But we would still like to know why Goa only?

P:                                 We have heard about Goa as a great honeymoon destination from one of our colleagues. He informed us that North Goa is known for it’s beach parties and South Goa for its serenity and calmness. He also informed that December is the best time to visit Goa. He praised Goa so much that it became an obvious choice for us. But we would like to give a piece of advice that December being the peak season, trip to Goa can burn a hole in your pocket.

JT:                               Yes, totally agreed. Goa is pretty costly in December. So, how did you plan your trip and what was your mode of travel?

N:                                The whole trip was planned by us only. We preferred Indigo Airlines as they best suited us as per our time availability. We first made a list of the various beaches that we wanted to explore and then selected our resort/hotel through MakeMyTrip app. This app provides all the necessary information required by any tourist. Also you can compare the various options according to your budget.

JT:                               Oh yes, MMT is one of the best app for booking flights and hotels. Moreover, may be from now onward people refer to this interview for their Goa trip. (smiling)

Moving ahead, kindly share some of your experiences.

P:                                 It was indeed our best trip till date. Goa offered us so much which we can never forget. We tried a lot of things but the best one was the Musical ferry at the Miramar beach, Panjim. Travelling in the ferry made us forget everything else. We were just enjoying the calmness of the crystal blue sea. While in the ferry we were also able to see the Dolphin Point, Aguada Fort and the famous Jimmy Gazdar’s Palace. Jimmy Gazdar’s Palace is the same palace where Bollywood movie Haseena Maan Jayegi was shot.

JT:                               Yeah! I had heard about that Palace. And Haseena Maan Jayegi is one of my favourite movies. Tell us about the hotels you stayed?

P:                                 We stayed for 2 nights in North Goa and 2 nights in South Goa. For our stay in North Goa we booked Royal Pearl Resort located near Anjuna Beach. In South Goa we stayed in John’s Highland Comfort Guest House located near Majorda Beach. Personally we liked Royal Pearl Resort because the food they offered was finger licking.

JT:                               Any particular places you visited that you would like to recommend for Bachelors, Couples and Family?

N:                                According to us Goa is a place for everyone whether bachelor/family/couple.  We would suggest everyone to visit Goa atleast once. Goa has variety of options for sightseeing. We visited Dudh Sagar Waterfall. It is located inside Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary and is a grace of River Mandovi. The fall of water creates the illusion of a literally sea of milk falling from the top. Whenever one searches online for best places to visit in Goa, there’s rarely any list or itinerary which doesn’t mention Dudh Sagar falls. To visit Dudh Sagar waterfall we hired a Jeep safari. The jeep safari for Dudh Sagar waterfalls starts from the entrance to the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary. Travelling in Jeep Safari is one of the most enthralling experiences. We felt lucky that we were able to enjoy an exciting tour at a reasonable price. The Jeep Safari mainly involves taking a bumpy ride through the muddy roads and a walk through the mysterious Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary.

JT:                               Thank you so much for the detailed overview. We are sure that our viewers would not miss Dudh Sagar falls next time they visit Goa. Now, as we all know that Goa is known as ‘The Land of Beaches’ so can you give us a list of Beaches you visited?

N:                                Yes, of course. I think we almost tried to visit all the famous beaches like Baga, Candolim, Anjuna, Vegator Beach in North Goa and Majorda, Utorda, Madgaon, Betalbatim, Colva Beach in South Goa.

P:                                 You missed out Calangute Beach in North Goa and Agonda Beach in South Goa.

JT:                               Wow! You actually haven’t missed any Beach. So, what would you suggest one can buy from there as a memory? What is famous?

N:                                On exploring Goa for almost 4 days we feel that there is couple of things that one must buy from Goa. One is the famous Zantey’s Kaju and the other is Goa famous Fenny. I had heard that fenny doesn’t suit everyone so we avoid buying it.

JT:                               Thank you for this important information. We are sure our readers will keep this in mind. Next, we want to know your good and bad experiences?

N:                                We share many good memories with Goa. One of them was that while in Goa we hired a scooty. We literally covered entire Goa on the scooty. We even went to Dudh Sagar waterfall on scooty, covering approx. 60km. That was our best experience as we left our hotel early in the morning. The morning fresh air when kissed our cheeks it gave us immense pleasure and a dose of freshness.

Apart from this we had a bad experience as well. When we went to the Baga Beach, by mistake we forgot to take the scooty keys. On returning back when we could not find the keys we thought that we had lost it on the Beach. While we were searching one of the restaurant guy came and handed us the keys he found on a folding beach bed. We gave a sigh of relief and ran towards our scooty but it was our bad luck that the key was not ours. We called the scooty owner for duplicate keys but he informed that there are no duplicate keys. After losing all hope we asked the security guard for any locksmith nearby. The guard then gave us a key and said that its of his personal scooter and that we should try it once. We did not get his logic but on insisting we tried the keys. To our surprise our scooty started. We understood his intentions but still we had to pay Rs. 300 that to after negotiating from Rs. 700. My personal advice to everyone is to take care of their belongings. Savdhani Hati and Durghatna Ghati.

JT:                               That’s so mean of the security guard. We don’t understand that our Government is promoting Atithi Devo Bhava still such people exploit tourists.

P:                                 Exactly. Anyhow, we experienced a funny incident also. If you permit can I share?

JT:                               Yes yes of course.

P:                                 At baga beach there was a funny safety guard who used to comment on the boys who flirted with female foreigners. We remember his one comment:- Russian hai…tujhse nahi pategi re chorey…

JT:                               (laughing) Ha ha! Funny guy. Now, tell us about the things we can always find in your travel bag.

N:                                While travelling money is the most important. Apart from that, my bag contains mobile phone, toothbrush, toothpaste, shaver, comb, sunglasses, towel, medicines, facewash, charger, power bank, flip flops and yes my clothes also.

P:                                 You can find all kind of girly stuff in my bags.

JT:                               Ok. And what will be your next destination?

N:                                Frankly speaking we have not decided yet. Most probably we would love to visit Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

JT:                               That’s Great. Our last interview was with a couple who visited Andaman & Nicobar Islands. You can visit our blog for an excerpt from the interview. Lastly, would you suggest our blog to your friends?

P:                                 Yes, definitely. We will share it with everyone. Thank you for giving us this opportunity.

JT:       Thank you so much. We hope to meet soon with some new experiences about new place.