Hey! Friends welcome back to the Chapter 4 of the Interview Section of our Blog. The avid followers of our blog might remember the beautiful newly married couple, Mr. Shashank Singhania and Ms. Gazal, from our Chapter 1 Honeymoon in Europe. For those who have not read our Chapter 1, here is a brief recap.

In the first Chapter we happened to interview a young and lovely couple who returned from their Honeymoon trip of Europe. It was great interacting with them. The best part was, they gave us a small box of sweets freshly prepared in their own sweet factory. The taste was awesome. They shared with us their experiences in Europe along with some nice photographs. They also told us the bad experience they had with the airlines. Till now people are praising us for that brilliant interview. For complete interview visit http://www.jauntizer.com/chapter-1-honeymoon-in-europe/

On the morning of 1st May 2020 a beautiful surprise arrived with a phone call. Shashank called us and informed that he want to give another interview for our blog. We happily agreed and without wasting any time we started his interview there and then only. This time they had returned from Dubai after celebrating their 1st Marriage Anniversary.

As always we hope that you will get help from this interview to plan your next trip to Dubai more efficiently.

Jauntizer Team (JT):       It was a great surprise on hearing from you this morning. It always feels good when people call us and ask us to take their interviews. Our last interaction was a hit. Before starting with the main part we want to know the real reason for which you wanted to give the interview again?

Shashank (S):                  Hello, Team Jauntizer. It’s great interacting with you again. I’m always looking for reviews and opinions regarding the places I want to visit, and this blog has been providing very good, detailed information regarding the same. It provides the do’s and don’ts of various destinations.. So I am more than happy to contribute in this very good cause of helping tourists take the right decisions before travelling.. Moreover, you will be happy to know that after reading Chapter 1 of your blog many of our friends called and enquired about you and wanted to share their experiences as well.

JT:                           Oh! That’s great. Thank you for such kind words. You can definitely share our contact details with your friends and families. So, let us start with the main part. First of all we want to know whether your trip to Dubai was pre planned.

S:                            Yes, you can say that our trip to Dubai was a planned one. We were planning to visit Dubai to celebrate our first anniversary in February itself but due to our busy schedule we could not make it. So, we decided to go in March. I feel that if someone is tight on schedule but still want to plan a foreign trip then Dubai is the best place. There is a 4 hours direct flight to Dubai from Chandigarh. We decided to keep it short this time. Hence, we planned our trip for just 4 days.

JT:                         Where did you last travel and when?

S:                            After visiting Europe last year in April we could not go anywhere else. Hence, our last trip was of Europe only.

JT:                         Oh! It has been almost a year since your last trip. Good to know that you can make it to Dubai. Gazal must be very happy. Kindly share some of your experiences.

S:                            Indeed Gazal was very happy.

It was an amazing experience. There is so much to do in Dubai. So obviously we missed out on quite a bit as we had just 4 days… I feel if one has to cover everything that Dubai has to offer she/he atleast need 10 days… Having such less time we could still make the most of it..

We saw the beautiful Dubai fountains, explored some wonderful beaches, chilled at the malls in the afternoons as it is quite sunny and hot in Dubai during afternoons…

We visited the palm Atlantis which was just spectacular..

We visited the Grand Mosque at Abu Dabhi which was one of the most beautiful sites I’ve ever visited.

The Dubai Marina cruise experience was just wow!! Roaming around Dubai, watching those amazing, tall buildings of Dubai at night on a 5 star cruise was something of another level.

And of course the most amazing experience was the Burj Khalifa, view of Dubai from 124/125 floors of the sky scraper is simply breathtaking.

Dubai is home to both cheesecake factory and IHOP, food outlets that are not available in India, so that was also a must do on our list …

One thing that fascinated me the most was the “Gold souk”, the Gold Market of Dubai where amazing gold ornaments are kept on display. Apart from that there is a lot to shop, like clothes, stoles and especially perfumes at the best possible rates.

Just roaming around in Dubai on the perfect roads admiring its amazing infrastructure is like a treat…

Gazal is a big beach fan, so we had to visit the beaches of Dubai. The beaches are very clean with awesome views and are filled with eating joints and shopping opportunities.

JT:                         Oh! My God. I must agree that you both indeed had a blast. I can very well imagine the amazing experience you had in your trip. Now, on listening to you I am dying to go to Dubai. So, what was your mode of travel? Where did you stay and why did you stayed there? Any suggestions or recommendations you would like to give.

S:                           We booked a flight of Indigo Airlines for our return journey from Chandigarh to Dubai ..

The local travel in Dubai was done through cabs… I must admit that the Dubai cabs are pretty expensive. Since, we had some extra savings we could manage easily.

Apart from cabs, trams and metros are also available which are cheaper and more convenient.

We stayed at Emirates grand hotel apartments at Sheikh Zayed road. The hotel was pretty central and reasonable. It is just 6 kms from Burj Khalifa. We spent around 25000 for 4 nights including breakfast. But I would rather suggest Air BnBs as they are more reasonable and have number of breakfast opportunities to enjoy.

JT:                           Breakfast opportunities like?

S:                             Some of the Air BnBs are located near the beach. One can find number of Restaurants nearby that open early around 09.00 AM like IHOP, Smokey Beach, etc. Instead of having breakfast at the hotel, one can go to these cafes and explore. Breakfast options are really very good. Also the views from the Restaurants are amazing.

This is the view from IHOP Dubai Mall. We had breakfast here one morning.

And this is view of Smokey Beach.

JT:                          What about the VISA formalities. How did you manage?

S:                            Getting a VISA for Dubai is not at all difficult. Dubai VISA application is very easy. Just basic ID information required along with flight ticket and stay arrangements.

 JT:                         Any particular places you visited.

S:                            Yes, there were plenty, like Dubai Mall, Dubai Fountains, Jumeirah beach, Burj Al Arab, Palm Atlantis, Grand Mosque Abu Dabhi, Dubai Marina walk, Gold souk, La Mer beach, Burj Khalifa…

JT:                          Any particular thing or place you would like to recommend for Bachelors, Couples and Family?

S:                            Bachelors can do a lot in Dubai.. Dubai has a number of clubs and pubs to hang around.. Also the beach parties are a lot of fun…

For all the families I would suggest Marina Cruise, Dubai Park, Burj Khalifa and Abu Dhabi Ferrari World especially for kids.

And for Couples again Marina Cruise and Burj Khalifa is one of the best options. They can also visit The Atlantis and some awesome Beaches.

JT:                         What was the Cuisine? Did you like it? Any particular cuisine that should not be missed?

S:                            In Dubai and Abu Dhabi the local cuisine comprises of middle eastern food.. Although personally I am not a big fan of it but the eating options are plenty. One can get variety of cuisines as per preferences.. There is absolutely no problem at all in finding food of your choice.

JT:                          What would you suggest that one can buy from there as a memory? What is famous?

S:                             Dubai people are popular for their local scents, they call them “oud”.. Apart from this you can buy stoles or clothes from famous Meena Bazaar. However, we didn’t buy anything in particular.

JT:                          Any particular experience that you cannot forget? Whether good or bad.

S:                            Over-all the whole experience was very good.. We loved the infrastructure particularly. Just roaming around the streets, looking at tall buildings and flawless roads, whether by car or foot, was a great experience. Burj Khalifa in itself is quite amazing..

JT:                          Any suggestions for our travelers? Things they should keep in mind before their travel.

S:                            According to me Dubai is a must visit…

A longer duration would be better, like at least a week..

Activities like Desert Safari and Ferrari World are a lot of fun..but all of the activities can be covered only if we have time.

Also the time to visit Dubai is important.. It’s extremely hot throughout the year, so December- February is the best time, as it is comparatively cooler.

JT:                           Things we can always find in your travel bag.

S:                            As told in our last interaction the list of things in my travel bag is pretty much the same.  A comb, a chocolate bar, a water bottle, wallet, a small stack of medicines for headaches and tummy upset, and a deodorant..

JT:                          Last time you went to Europe and this time Dubai. What is the difference you found in both the places and which one do you like better or would like to go again?

S:                            There’s a huge difference in both the destinations… the infrastructure, the people, the weather, everything..

They both are lovely destinations, but I’d still pick Europe..

I’ve been to Dubai twice, but there’s a lot of Europe yet to explore..

JT:                        What will be your next destination?

S:                          Our visit to Australia is still pending. My sisters-in-law are really pressing us to visit Australia once. So, maybe we will be visiting there next.

JT:                         Now, as you have become our prized customer will you suggest our blog to your friends?

S:                            Yes definitely, for me travelling is the best possible getaway from the daily stress and hard work we go through, so travel blogs like these will be very helpful in providing information regarding different destinations.. This is also one of the reasons I want to give an interview again.

JT:                          Thank you so much for this interview. It is always good to talk to you. As always you have been very co-operative and have replied to all our questions with full honesty. Give our best wishes to Gazal as well. We hope next time we will be interacting with both of you.

 Guys, we hope you all like this interview. All types of suggestions and queries are welcome. Soon we will be coming with our next Chapter.

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